4 Tips to Create Content that will Massively Increase your Sales

Hey there meet Tina, Tina runs an online kids clothing store with online presence on an e-commerce website, Facebook and Instagram, however, it didn’t take long before she realized that in order to rake in more sales she needs to churn out contents that will persuade her target audience to buy her offers. So there she was sitting in front of her laptop staring at her blank screen, scratching her head, stuck on what to write.

So what makes a sales pitch successful?, what features must a content have to drive more sales, these and many more are questions that kept running through Tina’s head while she brainstorms about the things she needs to write in her sales content. So if you are like Tina, struggling to come up with a sales post whether as a social media post or a short product description on your e-commerce website, that won’t allow the cash register to stop ringing, the following tips that I’ll be sharing is for you.


Before commencing sales write up whether as an organic post or paid content, it is important to carry out research about your target market. When done correctly market research will reveal cogent customers pain points, their preferences, their likes and dislikes, there favourite hangout spot online and in most cases what makes them tick. When you know more about your customers you’ll be able to strategically position the right offers that suits their needs at the right time and spot.

Findings from your market research will ensure that you are selling what people truly want and an advert that sells what people truly wants never fails to rake in more sales, it never fails to deliver.


Turn the spotlight on the amazing benefits of your products and services, no matter how sophisticated the features and specifications of your products and offers are, if your target customers don’t know how beneficial it is to their life, they won’t give you their money in exchange for it.

To create a compelling content you need to flaunt the benefits of your products, sell a convenient and better life. Rather than highlight the features of your products flaunt the amazing benefits your customers stand to enjoy when they buy your products.


‘Selling is a transfer of emotions’ Zig Ziglar

Another special recipe you should add to your content write up is emotions. In order to provoke your desired response from your target markets, you need to create contents that not only convey an emotional message but also evoke an emotional response from your target market. When introduced into a sales content, emotions makes it relatable.

If your intention is to create a sales content that provokes instant sales response you need to employ emotions, introduce emotional trigger words in your write up. When you use emotions in your write up, it portrays your brand as one that truly cares about your customers pains and struggles thus making them trust you, it shows off the human and sensitive nature of your brand. Emotions are very powerful, when people connect certain emotions to your post, the message it contains sticks longer in their minds.


If a sales advert were to be a delicious meal, then storytelling will be the secret ingredient that adds the tantalizing magic taste and accentuate the flavour of the other ingredients. Compelling stories helps you take your audience on a journey, thrill them, excite them, it brings your products to life in the minds of your target audience.

Use stories to explain the wishes they’ll be fulfilling when they patronize you or their most dreaded fears that will happen to them which your product will solve. Everyone loves a good story, so tell one.

In a nutshell, the first key to a successful sales content is finding out if your products is needed, by whom is it needed and with what magnitude. Once that has been checked, flaunt the benefits, don’t be afraid to show off, convey your messages with emotions, show your brand’s soft spot, you are selling to humans, and lastly take your target audience on an imaginary adventure with stories while positioning your products and offers as the lead actor.

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