[Solved] 6 Ways your website is loosing traffic and costing you Money!

Like I often tell my customers, If your website is not making you money, then your website is a waste of money.

So it’s second quarter of 2021, everyone is well aware that if you do not have a website(an online office). You’re doing it wrong!
Even though you have a physical location and are making sales, you’re missing out on over 100 times those customers that will buy from you online.

The woman selling pepper near you has packaged her grounded pepper and is running Facebook Ads to her online store where her customers can order,
a dispatch rider comes to pick it up and deliver it to her customers, while she receives the money directly to her bank account. She doesn’t have to do any runarounds.

And you’re still there thinking if you should get a website or not, ok well done o.

Well I’m not here for you today. I’m here with good news for businesses and entrepreneurs that already have a website or an online store but are making very little or no sales.

You’ve paid for ads? You’ve tried content marketing even paid influencers to share your website on their handles? but still the visitors did not convert to customers.

I know how painful it must be, paying that large sum of money to build an online store and even drive traffic, yet no sales. It feels like a huge waste.

You’re in luck, today I’ll share with you, for FREE 6 things you’re most likely doing wrong and effective solutions that you can apply right now to get sales trooping in.

  1. YOUR CALL TO ACTION IS NOT CLEAR: You see in the NEW online space, for every product or service you sell, you have thousands of competitors online, so its no longer enough to
    just drop your contacts or say contact us if you have any questions. There are so many distractions competing for the attention of your customer.
    You need to tell them exactly what they should do in other to take the next step to buy from you, after describing your solution, use Sign Up Now, Register here, Request a Quote, etc. Direct call to action words and phrases

  2. YOU FORGOT ABOUT THOSE THAT ARE NOT BUYING NOW You made the mistake to build your website around people that want to buy right away, you forgot about those that are not ready to buy now but might buy later. Your website should have a way to keep connected with them so that when they are ready to buy, you are the first that comes to their mind! remember you have tons of competitors that want their attention too.

The Solution➡️

> Add an Email subscription pop-up that will offer free value to your website visitors and request their email in return. This way you can keep in contact through email marketing and finally sell to them.

>Another way to do this, is what is called “Push notification”: Have you ever been on a web page or post and there is a popup like image below? Exactly that’s it, you can make users accept to be notified anytime there is the latest post, product or service update on your website, this means that even when a prospect is on another website or social media, they get a notification from your website saying you have a new update and also show your headline. This means your brand always remains fresh in their mind, they keep coming back and when they decide to buy, they buy from you.

3. YOU HAVE A TIRED, OUT OF SHAPE DESIGN: It’s 2021, a lot has changed I don’t have to tell you, Having an outdated designed website, Is like inviting your customers to a website built with clay and Thatches, no matter how competent you say you are, they just can’t wait to leave. Your Ideal customer has visited a ton of websites, just today alone, their eyes know the trend. They’ll look at an old website to equal to an incompetent business or entrepreneur. So you need to fix it. Do a redesign, something more modern, easy to use, and intuitive as well as attractive. That sells your brand as competent and approachable.

4. EVERYTHING ON YOUR WEBSITE IS ABOUT YOU: Do NOT make this mistake; We are the best, we are the topmost, we are this we are that…
Don’t get me wrong you should sell your brand, but keep the focus on your ideal customer, let them feel like you know the problems they are going through, you understand the results they desire and have answers to the questions they’re asking. Let your products or service be a bridge from where they are currently and where they want to be.

5. NO SHOP ATTENDANT!  Have you ever walked into a supermarket or mall, and found no attendant? Even though the things you want are right there on the shelves, It’s so easy to feel lost.
…that’s how a website or an online store feels without a live chat, Whether it’s WhatsApp, or FB Messenger, or any other Live chat box, just make sure there is a way your website visitor can have access to ask you questions when they feel confused or are having difficulty navigating your website. This can increase your successful orders by up to 45%

6. YOU ARE NOT BUILDING TRUST. Trust! Trust! Trust! In an environment where the customer gets to make payment for a product to someone he can’t physically see or touch, how then can trust be built?  What if you take their money and don’t deliver? Or deliver a substandard product?  These are questions your website visitors are thinking about, and there are certain things your website visitors look out for before clicking the buy now button.

>Reviews and Testimonies: Nothing promotes your business better than the words of others. Client testimonials and their success stories are some of your best marketing tools. If you’re doing a good job, why not say it through the words of your satisfied customers? Good or Bad? So remember to collect testimonies from your previous customers in text, audio, or videos. Studies have shown that videos are most effective. But text and audios do very well too. create an area on your home page where first-time visitors can see these good things that people are saying about what you sell, this gives your customer confidence to buy from you

I have taken the time to unravel the mistakes you might be making with your website and online store. Take action now implement the solutions above now and watch your online sales increase massively.

Remember to give me feedback when you have implemented it. If you have more questions or need a professional hand.

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