Nowadays, there’s an undeniable loud buzz going around about how important having a website is to a business. Whether big industry giants or SMEs, the need to carve a niche on the world wide web is at an all time high and cannot be overemphasized.

Aside from the giving the brand a sense of been in vogue and up-to-date with the current trends, having a website that represent your business in the vast online world helps the brand not only to increase awareness about the services and products you offer but in the long run helps you stay connected and engaged with your customers thus increasing sales and ROI when optimized correctly. Sweet deal, right? Well before you invest any part of your budget into building a website, there’ one thing to considered, of course ,there are a ton of other factors that should be put into consideration before your website goes live but this point trumps them all.

Align your business goals and objectives with the website features.
Yes! Before you get busy with the coding, colours, themes, UX design and all the baggages that comes with web development process, set aside ample time to revise your goals and objectives as a brand and carefully select the ones that you want your website to help you attain. There are numerous website elements out there but not everything will be applicable to your company’s needs and stage of growth. So don’t dump everything in it,not only will it be awkward to view but customers and potential customers might perceive your brand as spammy. Seems like a lot of work right, don’t worry Chromite Solutions got you covered. Okay, what’s the catch?
Here’s how, Chromite Solutions offers free consultancy to help you discover the type of website that is fit for your business,click here to talk to an expert.

Now let’s get practical
Let’s say you own a photo gallery in the offline world and have recently decided to move your business online. You need to decide ahead which of your business objectives you want your website to help you attain. Let’s also say you’ve chosen to increase your brand awareness and number of email signup, that means your website must essentially have a blog and newsletter subscription features. It’s going to be a total waste of time and money to include an e-commerce feature.

In a nutshell, don’t just have a website for having sake, build one that radiates your brand’s personality, one that pitch your business in the online world and to achieve that, take your time during the planning phase to decide what you want your web to do for you and select the appropriate features that can make it happen.

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