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4 Tips to Create Content that will Massively Increase your Sales

Hey there meet Tina, Tina runs an online kids clothing store with online presence on an e-commerce website, Facebook and Instagram, however, it didn’t take long before she realized that in order to rake in more sales she needs to churn out contents that will persuade her target audience to buy her offers. So there she was sitting in front of her laptop staring at her blank screen, scratching her head, stuck on what to write.

So what makes a sales pitch successful?, what features must a content have to drive more sales, these and many more are questions that kept running through Tina’s head while she brainstorms about the things she needs to write in her sales content. So if you are like Tina, struggling to come up with a sales post whether as a social media post or a short product description on your e-commerce website, that won’t allow the cash register to stop ringing, the following tips that I’ll be sharing is for you.


Before commencing sales write up whether as an organic post or paid content, it is important to carry out research about your target market. When done correctly market research will reveal cogent customers pain points, their preferences, their likes and dislikes, there favourite hangout spot online and in most cases what makes them tick. When you know more about your customers you’ll be able to strategically position the right offers that suits their needs at the right time and spot.

Findings from your market research will ensure that you are selling what people truly want and an advert that sells what people truly wants never fails to rake in more sales, it never fails to deliver.


Turn the spotlight on the amazing benefits of your products and services, no matter how sophisticated the features and specifications of your products and offers are, if your target customers don’t know how beneficial it is to their life, they won’t give you their money in exchange for it.

To create a compelling content you need to flaunt the benefits of your products, sell a convenient and better life. Rather than highlight the features of your products flaunt the amazing benefits your customers stand to enjoy when they buy your products.


‘Selling is a transfer of emotions’ Zig Ziglar

Another special recipe you should add to your content write up is emotions. In order to provoke your desired response from your target markets, you need to create contents that not only convey an emotional message but also evoke an emotional response from your target market. When introduced into a sales content, emotions makes it relatable.

If your intention is to create a sales content that provokes instant sales response you need to employ emotions, introduce emotional trigger words in your write up. When you use emotions in your write up, it portrays your brand as one that truly cares about your customers pains and struggles thus making them trust you, it shows off the human and sensitive nature of your brand. Emotions are very powerful, when people connect certain emotions to your post, the message it contains sticks longer in their minds.


If a sales advert were to be a delicious meal, then storytelling will be the secret ingredient that adds the tantalizing magic taste and accentuate the flavour of the other ingredients. Compelling stories helps you take your audience on a journey, thrill them, excite them, it brings your products to life in the minds of your target audience.

Use stories to explain the wishes they’ll be fulfilling when they patronize you or their most dreaded fears that will happen to them which your product will solve. Everyone loves a good story, so tell one.

In a nutshell, the first key to a successful sales content is finding out if your products is needed, by whom is it needed and with what magnitude. Once that has been checked, flaunt the benefits, don’t be afraid to show off, convey your messages with emotions, show your brand’s soft spot, you are selling to humans, and lastly take your target audience on an imaginary adventure with stories while positioning your products and offers as the lead actor.

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Sell More on Social Media with Valuable Contents

Everyday your prospective customers are faced with thousand of tonnes marketing contents from over 85million business profiles on Facebook and Instagram combined, each aiming to leverage the power of these social platforms to achieve one business goal or the other. Now that’s huge competition for your brand whether big or small. Now you might be thinking, what can I do to beat the competition?

In order to beat this competition, you’ve done various things to upgrade your social media game including creating stellar visual contents, made your social media feeds aesthetically appealing, invested a significant part of your budget on sponsored post, yet despite all your efforts your target audiences are not showing interest in your products and services, invariably sales conversion on social media is still low.

What are we not doing right? Why are our customers not coming back? What can we do to build a loyal customer base on our social media platforms? I’m sure these and many more are questions you have asked yourself countless number of times. Well here’s the golden answer.

Make Your Contents Valuable

When you go social with your brand don’t base your post solely on marketing messages, create value with your posts. In fact, according to some experts, contents not related to marketing of your products and offers should make up 80% of your social posts.  Spice up your content strategy with valuable contents that your target market want.

So,what makes up a valuable content? Irrespective of the evolution that the social media landscape has gone through since it’s birth, the underpinning reason for it’s creation still stands, people get on social platforms to get informed about various aspects of their lives, entertained and interact with the rest of the world. Therefore, as brand seeking more loyal and engaging customers on social media it’s your utmost responsibility to ensure that your audiences are not starved of these fundamental elements.

Your contents become valuable when your audience perceive them as educative or entertaining. To get started on that, you need to be conversant with topics that your audiences need more knowledge about, social conversion they are into, fun contents that they find relatable.

Educate your audiences about your products and offers, share industry-related tips that interest your audiences, DIY videos, recipe videos, clothing styles inspirations. Curate and share funny contents that your customers can relate with, participate in social media challenges, you could start one for your social community. These and many are examples of things you can do to make your customers loyal to your brand and make them keep coming back.

In a nutshell, a large portion of your social contents should be more focused on information that your target market finds valuable and not solely focused on what you want them to buy from you. Your customers don’t want to be sold to every time, they want to entertained and educated.

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Boost Engagement On Your Instagram Post With IG Stories

Now that you are on Instagram you have probably come to the realization that getting noticed on IG is not as easy as it seem especially with the ever changing algorithm that’s constantly declining the rate of reach of organic posts. The frustration that you feel every time you view your organic posts analytics and realize that not even one tenth of your followers saw your post can not be overemphasized.

Despite all the efforts put into crafting that visually appealing content, your post is not reaching your target audiences, if they are not seeing your content, how will they engage with it let alone carry out the desired action you expect from them and with an already stretched budget, running ad campaigns is not a luxury you can afford all the time. What should I do to boost the reach of my organic post?

IG stories are quick photos and videos often accompanied with visual filters and features often displayed at the top of a user’s IG timeline. Stories disappear after 24 hours for viewers but high performing stories can be stored in an archive which can be reposted again.

Instagram stories, yes!!! Instagram stories, the Snapchat model Instagram copied and launched in 2016. Since it’s launch IG stories has grown in popularity with over 500 million people viewing stories in a day and one third of the most viewed IG stories belonging to business thus providing business both big and small and avenue to showcase their products at no extra cost. What’s IG Stories?

If you want your audience to see your brand frequently at no extra costs,IG stories should be your new best friend. The strategic position of IG stories ensures that you are more likely to show up in front of your customers more often. Likely? Yes ,likely.

Although, you have a high chance of been seen if you use stories to exhibit your contents, Instagram will only give your stories priorities on your target audiences timeline if they engage often with your stories.

To create engaging IG stories, your contents needs to have a personal feel. Loosen up a bit with your IG stories, make them look as natural as possible, unfiltered, let your stories radiate the funny aspect of your brand.

Here are examples of things you can incorporate into your IG stories, organize Q&A sessions, quizzes, flash sales and discount announcement, teasers about upcoming new clothing line launch, behind-the- scenes videos showing how your latest shoe design was made, Live videos.

Mastering the free features of IG stories is crucial to the growth of your brand on IG, asides from the fact that you’ll grow the number of your followers organically, it’ll help you cultivate a highly engaged community.

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The Top 3 Contents You Need To Promote Engagements on Your Instagram Page

Congratulations!!! Your brand now has a presence on Instagram, at least with all the buzz going round about how Instagram is a fertile ground for leads generation, being part of such network is a wonderful move for your brand whether big or small. But alas! Engagement around your IG page is low, visitors are not checking your profile out, even when they eventually show up they are not hitting that prestigious ‘follow’ icon. Like that’s not bad enough, the few followers you’ve struggled to gather are unfollowing you at an exponential rate. What are you doing wrong? Here’s what you aren’t doing right.

Your IG Content Game is Lame

Instagram is a visual oriented social media platform unlike other social channels, it’s users rely heavily on visual contents. In order to improve engagement on your page, you have to start creating visual contents which are not only stunning but compelling contents that resonates with your target audiences. These contents have to be contents your potential customers can relates and connects with right away. So, what contents should my brand start producing? There are tonnes of means by which you can pass your marketing messages across to your leads on Instagram, examples of such include visual images, videos and user-generated contents (UGC).

Visual Images
Ever heard of the phrase ‘a photo speaks a thousand words’, that’s what happens on Instagram. You have to start creating stunning and captivating visual images that will relate your messages at a glance, in order to drive traffic to your IG page. Examples of visual images you can introduce into your IG feeds include illustrations, animated gifs, infographics and photos.

Gone are the days when sharing pictures often on your IG page gets you enough engagement, nowadays in order to keep the traffic coming, you need to incorporate authentic, original videos into IG feeds. Your videos should have a personal feel to them so that your audience’s attention can be grabbed instantly. As a small business you don’t need to invest too much in professional video production equipment to create beautiful videos, a good smartphone and video editing apps can get the job done. Examples of videos that you can post regularly on your page include but not limited to product unboxing, how-to tutorials on natural hair styling, short cooking video showcasing your latest recipe.

User-Generated Content
User-generated contents usually referred to as UGC, are contents such as images, reviews or videos of your products developed by fans of your brand. It could be a photo of a customer posing with your doughnuts or a video unboxing of a pair of shoes a customer purchased on your e-commerce website. It’s the online version of word-of-mouth advertisement. This is the goldmine of social media content, it positions your brand as a trustworthy enterprise because people tend to trust products endorsed by friends and family more than by brands. To influence UGC creation you can offer rewards, giveaways or initiate online competitions.

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The Most Important Tips That Will Ensure You Make Sales On Social Media

It’s no longer a breaking news that been on social media channels is another great means of driving in more sales for businesses both big and small but with a tight budget, your small business can’t afford to be on all social networks. How then can you choose the right social network that will help you increase your brand awareness and ultimately optimize sales?

Define your target audience
Firstly, you need to define your target audiences. Before setting out on your social media journey, identifying the type of customers you are looking to attract on social media is a crucial step, not only will it help you tailor your marketing contents appropriately but it will make establishing your presence on your chosen media an easy ride.

Find your target audience
It may seem like everybody is on every social channel but that’s not the case, certain demographics relates more with particular social networks than others, for instance, a relatively a large portion of the over billion users on Instagram belong to young millennials unlike LinkedIn which has more of working professionals forming a bulk of their users. In order to make the most out of your social media engagements, you need to find out the social media platforms where your target audiences are most active.

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