The Number ONE Reason Why People aren’t Buying What You are Selling

Emmanuel October 28, 2020 0 Comments

So let’s say you own a kitchen ware store and you’ve got a fancy easy to clean kitchen blender with exquisite design, high-powered efficient motor, 2-3 horsepower, that’s being sitting pretty on your shelf for three months. Despite the numerous promo materials that you’ve put out there, you’ve only sold five pieces of it within 3 months! Come on! 5 pieces in 3 months, I stocked 50 pieces!!! How will I sell them all?

Well, at this point you are probably thinking I don’t own a kitchen ware store, it’s not my problem. True, that’s not the kind of business you operate but I’m sorry to burst your bubble, it is your problem. Irrespective of the kind of business you run, it is not immune to the ‘poor sales’ virus. At some point in your business journey your sales won’t be over the rooftop. So, what were you doing wrong?

Here’s what you doing wrong: you have poor sales when your sales pitch is more focused on the convincing words you need to say.

The moment you focus your sales adverts on scripts like ‘Hey, come patronise us, we have the latest kitchen blender with the latest high tech function, our new shoe collection is made off pure Italian leather’, you set yourself up for sales failure. I’m not saying this strategy is utterly bad and should be discarded but if you are ready to super boost your sales, add my next point into your next marketing campaign.

Show, Don’t Just Say
People love a good show, they get dazzled by it, the experience from it lingers longer on their minds. So tap in right away, introduce creative demonstration of your products at work into your marketing campaign. Don’t just narrate the amazing features and benefits of your products, put up a breathtaking show about the product you are offering, create the ‘WOW‘ experience that lingers on their mind. Exhibit your products and services maximum benefit with spectacular demonstration.

Here’s an example of how putting up a good show boost sales. In 2010 Blendtec launched a YouTube video series tagged ‘Will it Blend’, the video series showed Blendtec kitchen blenders grinding electronic devices such as ipad, iphones. Of course, they don’t expect their customers to grind their smart gadgets but those video series convinced both their loyal customers and prospects about the durability of their products and most definitely inspired them to make purchases.

So there you have it, your customer aren’t buying from you because your product isn’t fantastic but because you bore them with your sales pitch. Switch things up,show off your products and services in a spectacular way, create the ‘WOW‘ experience that imprints your brand into the subconscious mind of your audience.

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